February 7-8, 2019

An opportunity for all Italian companies to share their vision, create networking and partnership opportunities, and conceive new strategies and business prospects.

Connext is Confindustria's first national industry partnership meeting. It is an exhibition and digital networking event dedicated to the key development drivers of national and international companies. This gathering is a chance for the wider business community to meet key players in the world of B2B and take part in speed pitching, demonstrations of innovative projects, and discussions on the growth of the Italian entrepreneurial system.

Meetings, workshops and seminars

Located in one of the most innovative sites in Europe, Connext also offers numerous opportunities for collective value creation, including four meetings on Confindustria's vision of the future, workshops and thematic seminars hosted by various companies, and company pitches.

The platform allows businesses to organise meetings and consult profiles, agendas, and work plans in real time.
The marketplace and business matchmaking

The digital Marketplace plays an incredibly important role, offering a space for companies to meet, look beyond the limits of their own business, increase and improve their supply chains, meet new partners, and start discussions with stakeholders, associations and traders.

Companies in the Marketplace can submit a business profile to the exhibitors' catalogue, which will remain active until December 2019. By activating their profile on the Marketplace, companies can request and accept B2B proposals for 7 and 8 February 2019 and register for events at CONNEXT. This tool allows businesses to organise meetings and consult profiles, agendas, and work plans in real time.

Key drivers

The event is based on four key drivers, representing our vision of development, growth and innovation, and the many strategic challenges faced in the development of the Italian entrepreneurial system. One specific area will be dedicated to "Made in Italy in the world", with the involvement of major players in the food & beverage and fashion & accessories sectors.

Smart manufacturing
  • Big Data
  • Robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Advanced automation
  • Cyber security
  • Internet of things
  • The cloud
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality
  • Network infrastructures
  • 3D printing
Sustainable development at the local level
  • logistics
  • infrastructures
  • smart mobility
  • circular economy
  • local resilience
  • reclamation and reindustrialisation
  • renewable energy
  • tourism, enhancement of the landscape and cultural heritage, creative industry
Metropolitan areas as the drivers for development
  • urban regeneration
  • energy redevelopment
  • digitisation of services
  • distributed generation
  • smart & shared mobility
  • environmental services
Humans at the heart of progress
  • life sciences
  • hospitals and healthcare
  • health and wellness
  • silver economy social and welfare services
  • employee welfare
  • training
  • nutrition
  • home automation
  • fashion/design
Made in Italy in the world

Meetings with German trade networks:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Fashion & Accessories
The EXPO CONNEXT exhibition space will be divided into:
  • 4 large thematic areas to host exhibitors and company speed pitches and encourage networking and meetings, with dedicated B2B lounges and open mingling spaces with facilitation services
  • 1 area dedicated to meetings with German trade networks for Food & Beverage and Fashion & Accessories companies, equipped with exhibition stands and a space for show cooking and fashion shows or showrooms
  • 1 large auditorium for the Connext opening and closing ceremonies
  • 4 large rooms for thematic events organised by Confindustria
  • rooms for events hosted by the Main Sponsor, Partners and Exhibitors
  • A large dining area with a dedicated room for social events and catering services


MiCo Milano Convention Centre
Main Entrance

Viale Eginardo (Gate 2) or 1 Piazzale Carlo Magno (Gate 17).

North Wing Entrance

5 Via Gattamelata (Gate 14 and Gate 15).

Find out how to participate


Main Sponsors can be large institutions or private entities whose mission and activities are tied to the four key drivers that unite all CONNEXT companies having relevant activities within the overall Italian entrepreneurial system. They will work alongside Confindustria to create value for this landmark event, playing an active role in the development of themes and related meetings. Main Sponsors will be guaranteed a range of dedicated benefits and widespread visibility in the lead-up to CONNEXT and over the two-day event.


Take part in the event as an exhibitor. Your company will have a leading role in the marketplace, the exhibition spaces and the programme of events. Fill out the form below and discover the benefits linked to the option which interests you most.


Take part in the event as a visitor. Entry is open to both member and non-member companies. To access CONNEXT, your company must register on the Marketplace, allowing participation in the official programme of the main event and other gatherings. Companies can also create an agenda of B2B meetings by purchasing the dedicated service once a business profile has been created.


Partners are institutions or private entities who want to bring their vision and expertise to the development of the CONNEXT project while facilitating processes, nurturing know-how and offering innovative or traditional services. These Partners are guaranteed targeted on-site visibility in accordance with their proposed partnership, including during the lead-up to the event.


To receive more information about the event and the different ways to participate, complete the following form. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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