Skios Ltd. Astimulus, bu Skios Ltd., is a global solution for the Distribution of Economic Aid using Cryptographic Vouchers. A cashless alternative to OTC and mobile transfer schemes, addressing their respective limitations in terms of i) Beneficiary enrollment, ii) Delivery and iii) Transparency and Control.

  • Malta

Skios is a European IT firm offering software development services specializing in Augmented Intelligence or Cognitive Computing, Natural Language Processing and Blockchain Platforms. 

Our extensive structure also allocates resources to various projects of Software Development, Business Intelligence (Analytics and Macrodata).

Founded in 1989, we are availed by decades of experience in driving technological innovation for the public and private sector enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Across the world, governments are increasingly turning to Digital Delivery Channels for the provision of emergency and income support, the scale of which has become unprecedented following the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

In this context, Skios has launched Astimulus, a global solution for the distribution of economic aid through mobile-redeemable cryptographic vouchers. We offer an alternative to both over-the-counter and mobile cash transfer schemes, addressing their respective limitations in terms of beneficiary enrollment, delivery and control. 

Eliza mPulse is specifically designed to meet public sector needs of developed or emerging economies with large populations still operating within the informal sector and/or who remain financially and digitally excluded. 

Our G2P payment model channels government aid through the generation and distribution of millions of single-use, user-identified eVouchers in the form of physical QR coupons. These are redeemed by beneficiaries for goods and services by local vendors using a mobile app to scan the coupon QR code and confirm the identity of the recipient.

By eliminating cash from the equation, our platform has proven to enhance direct and indirect community impact of targeted government intervention. As an instrument of aid distribution, it is unparalleled in terms of efficiency, speed of deployment and versatility. It delivers on multiple policy objectives, for rapidly shifting target demographics and within the most challenging of environments. 

Eliza mPulse leverages Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology to virtually eliminate fraud risk while guaranteeing complete transaction traceability, transparency and accountability for audit processes. Our analytics module allows real-time data analysis for seamless delivery optimization and instant detection of irregular transactions with pattern-matching algorithms.

Astimulus core platform was launched in partnership with the Government of Malta in 2020. During our two year deployment, the Ministry for the Economy coordinated the delivery of more than €100 Million euros-worth of eVouchers to the country's entire adult population under the "Vouchers Mimcol" initiative. This initiative sought to alleviate the economic fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic and boost spending with local businesses. 

Our objective is to offer governments across the world an additional solution to their repertoire of delivery channels which delivers where others may fail. A solution capable of providing swift and effective relief to communities in the most challenging of circumstances.


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